After selling my successful café, The Honey Pot, in Penzance, which I started and ran for 12 years, I was ready for a new challenge; a BA (Hons) in Architecture at Falmouth University.

A life-long love of food-centered travel awoke my passion for vernacular architecture: through diverse form, texture, materiality and light.


Originally trained as a graphic designer in the pre-computer era, my hand-drawing and model-making skills have stood me in good stead. Embracing technology has been a challenge, but I have a dogged determination for wrestling problems to the ground. After years of being the boss, I have loved working as part of a team, and throughout my degree, I have found that my life experience,

broad-ranging interests, and communication skills have been invaluable.


I greatly appreciate the sense of ‘real place’ which has been a constant and valuable theme throughout my degree - Cornwall is where I live, and where I want to stay.


I have too many interests, and not enough time. I love the outdoors, spending a lot of my life gardening or out on the sea; mostly rowing with my team. I am a keen and accomplished cook, who loves languages, travel and good design.  

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